Fraud and Digital Identity Phishing Prevention

Automatic and instant Identity Verification, to execute online transactions in an environment of ease of use, security and trust.

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Online Identity Verifications in Seconds

Our verification system allows you to verify identities in more than 200 countries, 15,000 types of documents and consult more than 1.100 black lists of sanctions.

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In less than 1 minute, remotely register and validate identity
of your client or user

Compliance with

It complies in moments with the regulations of data privacy (GDPR), Money Laundering (AML), Knowledge of Customers (KYC) and Politically Exposed people (PEP) without meaning a decrease in your customer conversion rate.

Fraud Control

By integrating Becompliant Onboarding into your customer registration process, your fraud rates drop more than 90%, improving your retention indicators and reducing refunds for impersonations. Close your door to scammers and make sure you attract quality customers.


Becompliant Onboarding integrates with your IOS, Android applications or web portals, through SDKs or APIs, or simply by sending a link to your users to verify them. If you do not have developers, we will help you in the integration of Onboarding to your current applications.


Improve the remote onboarding process of your customers and offer a pleasant and pleasant multichannel experience.

Global coverage

Verify types of identity documents recognized by government institutions in more than 200 countries and organizations.


Scalable infrastructure, 100% Cloud, with AES-256 encryption and centralized administration.

Frictionless solutions for remote identity verification

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BeCompliant Identity Verification KYC & AML

BeCompliant Digital Onboarding

BeCompliant Identity Verification KYC & AML

_ID CHATBOT. Identity Checker

___Identity Authentication

_____Liveness Detection

__Risk Query by Telcos Data

Sanctions Lists for Facial Comparison

BeCompliant Identity Verification KYC & AML

__ID NFC. Onboarding E-Docs

_Fingerprint Liveness Detection

_Facial comparison with Governments

Sanctions and Monitoring Lists

Alphanumeric verification over 1.100 government watch lists, world government law enforcement, and over 100 international and national sanctions lists.


AML Data

Sanctions lists and watchlists coverage are monitored in real time, including OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT and many more lists around the world.


Proactively monitor your clients and cases on our platform. Real-time functionality allows you to monitor clients as you scale, based on their risk.

BeCompliant Identity Verification KYC & AML

Adverse Media

Dig deep with easily accessible, rich and adverse media coverage that analyzes more than 5 million articles every day.

Easy, safe and intuitive to verify the identity persons digitally


Supported Countries

Securely verify the identity of Citizens of more than 200 countries around the world.


Documents Types

Validate Identities through Passports, National Identity Documents or Driver’s Licenses.


Minimize user onboarding costs


Improve your Customer Conversion Rates


Reduce Phishing Fraud


In seconds, we validate more than 10 security elements: life recognition, facial biometrics, document authenticity, validation against more than 1.100 worldwide sanctioning lists and among others.

  • Identity Verification KYC & AML
  • Identity Verification KYC & AML
  • Identity Verification KYC & AML
  • Identity Verification KYC & AML
  • Identity Verification KYC & AML
  • Identity Verification KYC & AML

KYC and AML processes adapted to your business needs

Make the right AML risk decisions with real-time global coverage of Watchlists, PEPs, adn Adverse Media

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    Identify Your Users Safely

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to prevent fraud and detect alterations in Identity documents.

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